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Our main aim in treating diabetic patients is to prevent complications.  Patient education is key and we look at all aspects effecting the foot.  We focus on foot care, footwear, aids available, circulation / sensation testing and biomechanics to ensure good foot health


Foot Mobilisation and Dry Needling

Foot mobilisation allows the joints in the foot

to be mobilise and manipulate if they become restricted.  This is known to help with many foot problems and significantly reduce pain and increase foot function.  

Dry needling assists with decreasing pain and can help to increase motion through release of myofascial trigger points.

Paraffin Wax Therapy

Paraffin Wax Therapy provides intensive moisture therapy while penetrating heat deep into muscles and joints.

Besides being medically beneficial, it feels fantastic and is extremely relaxing

Diabetic Management

Podiatry Services

We offer a full range of podiatry services


General Podiatry Care

General Nail Care
Thick, deformed and curved nails
Ingrown Toenails
Fungal Nail Infections
Corns and Callus
Wart removal

Orthotics, Biomechanicals, Gait Analysis

A biomechanical assessment is a detailed analysis of the entire body posture with particular focus on lower limb mechanics and function to determine the causes or contributing factors leading to foot injury.

Then we can make a custom made Functional Orthotic to improve the biomechanics and hence improve foot pain and poor function.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy is a non-invasive therapy that uses low-frequency, acoustic shockwaves that encourages the body’s natural healing response in tissue that may not have responded to medication, rest or other therapies.

Mani Pedi
Blood pressure reader

Nail Surgery

If the conservative treatment of ingrown nails fails to provide long-term relief, a nail wedge resection will provide permanent relief from the pain and discomfort of ingrowing nails.

Nail surgery can also be used to treat thick or deformed nails and fungal infections


There is a common misconception that children will grow out of their foot problem when, in fact, many do not.  This foot problem is then carried into adulthood when it is more difficult to treat. 

Parents know best!  If you are concerned about it, have it looked at by professionals who know kids feet.

Doppler Assessment

Patients with poor circulation and inadequate sensation in their feet should have a detailed Vascular and Sensory assessment.  The assessment determines if a patient has any circulation blockages or loss of sensation in the feet.  We are then able to determine the patients' risk of developing foot complications.

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