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Telehealth Services

Allied Health Providers such as Podiatrist now have the ability to utilise Telehealth services where clinically appropriate.



Telehealth consultations are conducted in a similar way to a regular appointment, however they occur with use of videoconference or telephone conversations.  

It is a way for our podiatrist to assist and stay linked with our patients in times that they cannot access our clinic.  Telehealth also provides an alternative solution to a face-to-face visit (depending on the consultation type) during the COVID-19 pandemic. 


Telehealth can allow accurate diagnosis, education and treatment through use of voice, video and images via electronic devices.  This information is transmitted and maintains the same level of confidentiality, security and quality of care as a standard clinical consultation would. 

As of March 13 2020, Telehealth services are available for billing through the MBS and DVA schemes.

Please contact us on (07) 3893 0655 to discuss if a Telehealth consultation is clinically appropriate for you!

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